Fay’s Stars

Fay sat at the kitchen table. She was staring down at a sheet of white paper. Max walked into the room.

“Whatcha doing?”


Max looked over Fay shoulder to see the paper. Confused he responded, “No you’re not”

“Yes, I am”

“Let me read.”

“But there aren’t any words on your paper.”


“Don’t you think you at least need words to read?”

“Nooo! Leave me alone so I can read.”

“I’m not leaving tell you tell me what you are really doing. I think you’re planning something.”

“Ok smarty pants, you could say that.”

“Well then tell me what you’re planning.”

“I can’t”


“Because I’m reading”

“Stop treating me like I’m the stupid one.  You’re the one sitting here staring at a bunch of squiggles in crayon on paper.”

“Max! I’m planning my future, so let me read.”

“But there are no words to read!”

“I know that!  I’m reading my stars!”

“That’s stupid! You can’t read stars.”

“I am. Haven’t you heard of an astrologer?”

“Fay an astrologer doesn’t read those kinds of stars. They read planetary stars.”

“Sooo, I can draw plants too.”

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