Who is JCV?

Who is JCV?

I am a mom, wife, writer, artist, goofball, cheeseball, nerd and a social weirdo all in one. I grew up in a small country town where believe it or not, we had no internet, no public library, no cell phones, and landline phones were off the chain expensive. No, I am not an alien. No, I am not 100 years old either. I am just a country girl. My home town was amazing. Everyone knew everything about one another, so I guess you would think, “yes, you are aliens” but no, again I am not alien. It is just something that happens when you live in a small farm town.

Ok, so let me introduce myself. I am JCV and again I grew up in a small farm town. I had almost nothing. I was abused, neglected and never wanted. My mom’s favorite saying to me and my siblings was, “I never wanted you.” Sad, but honest.  I never heard the words, “I love you”, until the day I moved away.

Again, I am not alien, but I think my childhood would have been much better if I was. In a nutshell, I was a lonely child that would distance myself from my parents to avoid ridicule and abuse. When I moved away from my small town and never returned to visit until 18 years later. The town I grew up in, much like myself, has evolved. Why? Because change happens.

I am now an adult that loves to cook, create, sew, read, write, paint, hang out with my family and just love the world. I find myself enjoying lots of child-like activities maybe because I never had the childhood of most. The one thing I have been given is the gift of creativity.  I studied writing at Augusta State University in Augusta Georgia and my mind was wide open. This was the first step in me becoming the woman I am today. I am a blogger, short story creator, script writer wannabe, an unpublished novelist, and now a children’s author and illustrator. I have been a Realtor and a Mortgage Loan Officer and in the real estate business for over 11 years total, but now I just want to write.

I hope you enjoy my craft. If you ever have any questions, comments, criticisms, you can always contact me through my blog at https://365days2bpublished.com/.





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