Paintings by JCV

About four years ago, I began to play in oil paints. My first painting was created under the influence of margaritas and laughter of my neighbor. She and I had so much fun just playing around with the brush, oil paints and a blank canvas. My creation was a abstract horse. It was vibrant and beautiful. I posted it on ebay on Monday. By Friday, I had a full price offer. My first creation was off to the hands of a new owner.

It was that sale that gave me the confidence to attempt another painting. This was the beginning of new journey for me. I have always been talented at crafts and writing, but painting was a new game for me. The truth is my family has always had the talent of painting. My grandmother, whom I never met, painted many fabulous paintings one of which hung over my bed.

The more I began to learn the craft the more I wanted to learn. It was the critical voice of my son that encouraged me to start sketching that really improved my skills. The odd thing about painting, as opposed to writing, was that I was willing to openly receive criticism. It was the criticism that brought my skills up to a level that I have even become impressed with.

What I am trying to say is that maybe it took a little alcohol to become lucid enough to try something new, but it helped me find a valuable genetic skill that laid dormant all these years. I am not endorsing getting drunk, but what I am endorsing is the notion that maybe sometimes we just need to step outside of ourselves to find ourselves.

I am excited to say that my endeavors as a painter has taken off. I have since sold many paintings some original, some prints and some t-shirts. I have had my art juried and exhibited.  That is not even the exciting part. The art it’s self is the one thing that continues to amaze me. My most recent painting, Doris, stuns me. When I look at it I think; how did I do it?  It is by far my best piece ever.

“Doris” will be part of the Critical Mass Exhibit at the Shreveport, Louisiana ARTSPACE. CRITICAL MASS 6 EXHIBITION DATES, Saturday, March 3 – Saturday, May 5 (9 weeks) on two floors of ARTSPACE.

Please come and see my best work yet.


Writing my Artist Biography

redtop (2)

Last month, I was told to have my artist biography available for tomorrow. Today, I woke up made breakfast, painted, started laundry, checked my email, checked Twitter, checked Facebook then made a cup of coffee, watched Good Morning America, cleaned the living room, cooked lunch and then started my artist biography.

“What the hell is wrong with me? Why can’t I just sit down and type this out? It is not rocket science.”

The truth is, “I don’t know.” I always make great strides and then freeze. Yep, that is me. I am sitting on the edge of greatness. Oh, yes, let me catch you up. I am going to have some of my art work for sale at the “Holidaze Gallery” at Artspace in Shreveport, LA. I am so stoked! But, yes, big But… I am afraid of what if I say or write something wrong? What if I offend someone? What if someone likes it and I have to talk. Damn it! I am a writer and painter, I don’t talk. Pft…talking that is so 2010. Maybe I could act like I have a cough? Then I could wear one of those little hospital masks and mumble, or maybe I could just talk… hmmm…. That is weird. I never know what is going to fall out of these lips. Well, either way, I did finish my artist biography. Now, I am on my way to Holidaze. I guess I just have to be willing to make those mistakes in order to move forward. Come visit me, make fun of me, bring me a hospital mask, buy some of my art or  just come. I will be at the opening on November 16 and throughout the holidays. Shoot me a message.

ArtSpace Shreveport Louisiana 708 Texas Street

What is Holidaze?


Deck the Halls, Fa La La, Goody Gumdrops and Holly Jolly! Tis the Season for a holiday shopping spree and artspace is the place to rock around the Christmas tree, Saturday, November 25, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It’s SHOP LOCAL ART – and SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY, but HOLIDAZE is so big it’s going to take a full month (through December 30) and three entire floors to unwrap all there is to see and do.

“artspace PRESENTS” features one-of-a-kind gifts created by 26 Northwest Louisiana
Artists selected to show and sell works on two floors in artspace. GIFTSPACE introduces new jewelry designs with special holiday “trunk” shows. The Holidaze BAZAAR is located downstairs in FUNSPACE will be filled with art, holiday gifts and specialty items from local Artists. And the family can enjoy “make and take” holiday crafts while snacking on sweet treats during this special Saturday HOLIDAZE opening event. Live Entertainment will kick off the “Songs and Sounds of the Season.” The Opening Event is free and open to all who dare to “SHOP LOCAL ART!”