Hello you!

Hello you! Where’ve you been?

Here. I’ve just been hiding.


Well, I’m a hot mess.

Sounds delicious.

No, not like that. Nothing like that.

So, What’s up?

I’m awake.

I see that.

No, I’m really wake.

Shit girl, that’s what I said.

Today is the day I woke the fuck up. I’m tired of defeat. I’m tired of being broken. I’m tired of the losing streak. I’m ready.

You really believe that? What’cha been listening to?

God. He’s woke me up. I’m no longer broken. I’m no longer sick. I’m no longer sad. I’m no longer weak. I’m just me. The me before the fall. The me before the break. The me before the loss. The me that doesn’t take no. The me that listens to the words not spoken. The me that used to laugh. The me that used to play.

Today, I’m just me.




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