“Whatcha doing?”

“Making a sign”

“What’s the sign for?”



“Because I want friends”

“I thought I was your friend”

“kind of”

“What kind of friends do you want?”

“I want friends like the blonde girl down the street”

“She has friends?”

“Yep, lots.  With my sign I will have lots of friends too.”

“You can’t just make signs for friends”

“Watch me”

The sign read, ‘For a good time come in..girl, girl, girl’

“That sign is bad”

“Nope, it’s good.  See I put glitter on it.”

“No, I mean that’s not right.”

“Yes, It’s right. I know how to spell girl.”

“You can’t put that sign up in town.”

“I’m not. I going to hang it in my window.”


“Yes. That blonde girl has a huge sign in front of her store.  In lights it reads ‘for a good time come in…girlz, girlz, girlz.’’ Her sign is wrong.  She misspelled girls.”

“Do you know what kind of girl she is?”

“A cool girl, every night she gets all dressed up in heels with short dresses and hangs out with lots of girls”

“She’s a dancer.”

“I can dance.”

“Not that kind of dancer, she’s a stripper.  Those girls she hangs out with are strippers too.”

“Oooh, so the sign is not to make friends?”


She folded up the sign.  Then she looked at Max.  “I guess you can be my friend after all.”


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