Humorous things people say in a fabric stores

I took my best friend fabric shopping. She is not a seamstress, nor has she ever bought fabric before. I explain to her how I am looking for fabric to make a blouse for this blog. I realize she is very unfamiliar with purchasing sewing items, so I verbally explain myself as I walk around the store. To my amazement some very humorous statements, puns and words fell from my lips like:
1. I need filling for my cock ( fluffy stuff to put in the fabric chicken I made in earlier post)
2. I need binding
3. Hold the bolt (bolt of fabric)
4. Grab the needles
6. Can I make pants with liquid thread?
If I make pants with glue what do you call it when the seam comes apart? A rip, tear, or non-adhesive
7. Small needles keep your stitches tight and small
8. Get the interfacing
9. She needs to measure it with a yardstick
10. This fabric is so pretty. What could I use it for?

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