The carnival is closed. The rides are off, concession stands closed and there is a small group of camping trailers. Over the morning hours you begin to notice a man or woman walking about. I stopped two men walking. They are both wearing jeans and green t-shirts with work boots. The man smiles at me. Can I ask you a few questions? He nods his head in agreement with a smile, but says nothing.
Do you work for the carnival?

How long is carnival season?
We work all year.

How long are you at one place?
One week

Where did you start working?
I started on the rides

Is there a rank system or order of jobs?

What is the post popular food?
funnel cake

What not to eat before you ride the rides?
Nothing, don’ t eat nothing.

Are the people you work with your family or friends?

Is your job fun?
Yes, yes my job is lots of fun. My boss is very good to me.

Then the man was led off by his friend. I wanted to ask more questions, but to him and his friend the interview was over.


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