Why start something, when it has already been done?

This week, I was very optimistic.  Then it happened. What happened?

Well, you see I had a scheduled interview with a very powerful individual.  I was so excited. I was proud of the copies of the pages of my new magazine I had to share with individual. Proudly, I sat up high waiting for the interview to begin.

“Why are doing this?” Asked the individual.

“What do you mean?” I responded.

“Why are you making this magazine? It’s been done. Others are doing it. Why don’t you just let them do it?”

My shoulders dropped about an inch as I began to slump down in the chair. I could feel pressure around my neck as if someone was gently trying to choke me.

“I wanted to. I thought it was a good idea. People has asked for it.”

“What makes your magazine different? Why would anyone want to read your magazine?”

There it is. I had been in very similar situation before. In college, I had an opportunity to meet with a New York Times Best Selling Author. She had reviewed my manuscript.  When we met, she asked me the same question. “Why are you trying to write a romance novel? I recall explaining how I enjoyed the art of telling stories. I wanted to be the next Daniel Steel.

That author ripped me a new asshole. She talked about how there was no money in the publishing business. Books are to be written from rich people, because income was based on sales which are inconsistent. She went on so much that I think I fainted. I don’t remember much else.

 I walked away that day feeling defeated.  I did not  write again until 10 years later, after my mother died.

You see, that moment was a defining moment in my life. I let a strong powerful writer verbally slap down my ambitions to where I retreated.

Now, this interview was my second chance at a defining moment.  I said something absolutely nuts, something like this,

“reading the other magazine is like me licking the white paint off your office walls. It’s boring and has no tone, no voice.”


Yes, I truly said that, because I was hurt. I was hurt and I’m weird. Maybe, I have a fascination with eating paint.

Imagine if all the artists, mothers, teachers, doctors, scientists, computer coders, architects, chefs, runners, basketball players, skateboarders, or any human being should stop creating, because everything has already been created.

Imagine what life would be like if no one did anything, because it had already been done before.

That’s hogwash!

I am certain you can imagine; the rest of the interview was uncomfortable. I did try to explain my unfiltered response. That in the world there are many more people like me, full of creativity. We enjoy stories from a different angle. People had asked for the information that I was providing. I felt that my magazine would attract that audience.

Like any jagged little pill, my explanation was not enough. The interview ended sour.

I can at least say that person will always remember the interview where someone referred to reading a certain item was like licking the paint of their office walls.

The reason I am writing this blog is to encourage all of you to keep creating, keep making, keep trying, even if it has already been done. Do not give up.

If someone ever asks you why you try to achieve your academic goal, create a new business, write a book, make a movie, win a gold Olympic medal or anything that has already been done,  just remember your goals, your business, your book, your movie your medal is yours. Just because someone else has achieved or created a similar product, your goals and your products are yours and will be different, just like you.

No one can make your product, paint your art or write your story. You own that. Anything you create is a part of you. It has your soul and color in it.  You are important to the world. Your influence, your product, your art or your story will inspire others.

You got this! I believe in you! People will read your book.  People will cheer for you as they watch the Olympics from their TVs. People will try your computer program or android application.

Whatever you do, do not let someone stop you from creating your dream, because someone else already achieved it.


Love always,

Your wall licking friend,



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