Begging for my youngins

Yesterday, I had to go to the dentist. It’s my worst fear. Yet, I had to go. I had cracked a filling. My tooth was sensitive. I can deal with that, but I feared the worst, bad breath. Yeah, no excuses to have poo-poo mouth unless of course you ate some, but let’s not go there.

Here I am walking out of the dentist when a very thin man in his 20’s, possibly malnourished. He was a tall young man slightly hunched over. I am not just saying he hunched over to talk to me, because most people have to since I am almost Keebler Elf sized. No, this man had burdens, physical, financial and maybe mental.

“Can you please spare a $1 or $2 for me,” he asks.

“I’m sorry, I don’t carry cash,” I replied. Which is about 99% true. I walked towards a store to meet my mother-in-law.  She was shopping while I was in the dentist. That’s when I noticed I did have $2. I walked back to the man asking shoppers for money. One by one each person ignored the man. I honestly believe most people just don’t carry cash anymore.

“Here, I found a couple of dollars,” I said as I handed the man the money.

“Thank you. Thank you very much. I just started a new job. I’m trying man, but you know it takes about 2 weeks to get paid. I got kids. They are youngins, but I have to care for my babies. I’m begging for my youngins.” He said.

I looked into his eyes. I could see something most people don’t. I saw pain. This man was most likely giving me a crock of bullshit, but what I did see was he needed the money. He needed medical attention. He needed nourishment and a shower. Society had once again failed this man. Schools and teachers had failed this man with no repercussions. Schools need to change. Our society needs to change.

“I am sorry.  That is all I can do. I wish I could do more. Don’t give up. You know, God gave you a talent. You might have not discovered it yet, but you will.” I told him. Then I walked away.

Talent, is given. Each of us have some type of talent. Some of us can cook. Some of us can sew. Some of us can do math. Some of us can read hundreds of pages of book while the rest of us are on page 2. Some of are mechanics. Some of us can write. My problem is that too many young adults who do not have the opportunity to go to college feel like they have no talent. These young adults are falling through the cracks. It makes me sick that tax dollars go to schools, but the public has no choice on the curriculum.

I am just saying, I would like school teachers, administrators and teachers’ unions to be more open minded as what an education is. Stop jamming the same education down everyone’s mouths. It does not work that way. Save our society. Open your doors to public opinion. Time for a change for the sake of all those unemployed uneducated suffering people wandering and begging in the streets.

To all the young adults out in the world feeling that your school has let you down, don’t give up. I believe in you. Education and wisdom can come in many forms via the internet, library or through mentors. Seek wisdom and money will come, so you don’t have to be begging for your youngins.

Love always,


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