God’s plan is not done

Over the long weekend I had the pleasure of binge watching Netflix with my hubs. We are still overcoming the disappointment of the ending of Game of Thrones, so we were pretty hesitant to watch a new series.

I had seen some commercials for Lucifer. I was intrigued.

I am a Christian. I read the word almost nightly, so I was hesitant to watch the show when it first came out. I thought that maybe watching this show could harm my relationship with God. I know it sounds weird, but I am weird. 

Now,  I told my spouse we should just try to watch one episode together. If it got weird  we would turn it off and never watch it again. He agreed.  Oddly, I guess this is how the forbidden fruit was eaten by Adam.

It was during the very first episode that we discovered that this show was more about God than the devil. I don’t want to ruin it for you. I won’t.

What I can say is this series focuses on the fact ‘God’s plan is not done.’ If you read the Bible you know this. It is our doubts, our fears and time that sometimes causes us to lose faith in the word of God.

I won’t preach. I am not a preacher.

I just think that if you have the time you should watch Lucifer. The writing is smart and funny. The cast is charming. The story line is a different perspective of looking at the word of God through the eyes of a sinner.

God Bless,


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