Memorial Day

Life is wonderful here in America. We have so many opportunities. We have many more freedoms than other countries. We live a life of luxury compared to many countries. Life in America is great because of Soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

There are many video games and movies that depict the life under a repressed regime. Here in America, we are blessed to have democracy.

Millions of lives have been lost on the battlefields. I want to say thank you to those Soldiers who fought protecting our freedoms. Thank you for your service. Thank you for being brave enough to walk the battlefield. Thank you for fighting when the fight was tough. Thank you for being strong when in reality lack of rations and extreme weather conditions had made your body weak. Thank you for loving our nation more than you loved your own family and fighting for the country.

For all Soldiers who fought and died, I will never forget you. You were stronger than I will ever be. Your faith carried you through the darkness. Your bravery was immense. Your sacrifice was ultimate.

Rest in Peace



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