Wishes hanging from the tree

Growing up, I had this wonderful fairy tale of a grandmother. She was not always present, but she was there for the most important moments in my life. She was flashy. She was beautiful. She had a wonderful sense of humor. Most important she always had the greatest advice.

One magical day, I was with my grandmother drinking an cherry coke Icee, snacking on popcorn and shopping in Target. We looked at almost everything in the store. She would touch the clothing on the hangers and comment about the bright colors and texture of the fabric. Yet, she would only let me get one thing in the entire store.

“Look at this romper. The blue would match your eyes. Oh, look at this sun dress. You could wear it to church.”

She would go on and on. I got so frustrated, because everything she commented on I wanted. I wanted almost everything in the store.

“Grandma, I can’t do it.”


“I just can’t choose. I want it all. Why can’t we just get everything?” I pleaded.

She smiled and looked me and said, “We can’t have it all. No matter how much you want everything, there will be something else you want. Your wants will always succeed you needs.”

“It’s not fair.” I cried.

That moment my grandmother looked at me and said, “Desires, wishes and dreams are the things that keep us going. It motivates us to do better. It drives us through life. You know how I always let you join me in putting a penny in the fountain to make a wish? Everyone needs to have a wish, a dream or a desire.”

Ever since that day, I have kept a list of wishes. Sometimes, I have even taken the time to make a vision board. As you move through this day and every day forward, I ask you to stop and just make a wish.

Wishes do come true.




The image above is a Japanese Wishing Tree with wishes hanging from the branches. Go on, make a wish.


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