Should I live in the past, present or future?

I am not certain if you have seen the same mumbo jumbo I have in the grocery stores, book stores or any store for that matter, but every where I go I see a magazine or book for sale about living in the present. Think about that. Don’t we all technically live in the present?

What is the present? Well the present is today, this day, this hour, this minute, this second. I would like to say in one way we all are responding to the variables of the moment. Got to go number 2? Yeah, I think you are going to get that done as soon as possible. That is living in the moment. Right?

The trouble I have with living in the moment, the absolute moment of right here right now, is we forget about our past and future. I love to be able to live in the moment. It is a time of immediate gratification with no remorse for the past and no plans for tomorrow. That chocolate cake I want is mine, all mine! Forget about gaining 2 pounds. I am going for the moment of gobbling it and I just might even lick the plate. Who cares if I can’t breath while wear skinny jeans?

Living in the present is a lighter take on life. Life in the present is not very complex. When in reality, life is truly complex. Life is layers and layers of complexity. While we are enjoying the moment or future is put on hold and our past is forgotten. We can’t do that unless we are not living.

Living in the past is awesome! I love the past. Living in the Past is the cozy place where my mind lingers in reminiscing the days of joy on vacation with my family. It is where I feel comfortable with myself. The past is a place where I like to look at pictures. Think about all my first. In the past, I can think of my accomplishments. I can pat myself on the back. The problem with the past is that I forget about the needs of today while the future is way off in the distant. That can’t be good. I’m idle. I am just stuck in a moment of time. It happens to people. I am not certain if they even know that they are stuck.

Living in the future means you are making every decision today based on the variables (problems and blessings) of tomorrow. Those problems and blessings may never come to light, because you forgot to build on to the past and live for the moment. You let people, opportunity, friendships, love and passion just slip by you. Ouch! No one wants this. Could you imagine always living in the future. In the movie Downsizing the main character is always focusing on the future that he forgets to live for today. It is tragic. I know it is supposed to be a comedy, but more like a tragic comedy. I just have that pesky lingering desire for more than tomorrow. I enjoy small impulses of today and reflections of the past. That is why you can see me slurping down a snow cone while I swipe through photos of the past on my phone.

I guess I found the answer to my own question. Should I live in the past, present or future? I would like to say I guess I want to live in all three. I want to bask in the glory of the old days while I enjoy the subtle moment of today while I plan my future. My goal to you is do the same.






    • Thanks! A good night’s rest would be great.

      What I thought I was going to Paste was part of an article about Albert Einstein and the conundrum he was struggling to understand about the whole concept of past, present and future. And especially ‘the Now’ which he considered to be outside the realm of science.

      Look up ‘Albert Einstein and the Now!’

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