International Women’s Day

This first time I heard of International Women’s Day was in 1997 in Vicenza, Italy. I was with my family strolling the ornate curbside stores. In Italy International Women’s day is called “La Festa della Donna.”


During my stay in Italy I had no access to a computer or English library, so I had to use my pocket Italian translator to determine what holiday was being celebrated.  I recall under the golden sky of yellow limestone buildings with men purchasing beautiful flowers for the women and greeting women with a friendly smile. Unbeknownst to me and my family we continued to walk around. We stopped at a small dessert shop where I was greeted by an elder man with a huge smile and a small branch of yellow mimosa flowers. I smiled said, “gracias.” Then while I sat drinking my cappuccino and eating my tart I watched as that same man greeted every woman from child to great grandmothers with same small token of flowers.

Today,  anyone with a smart phone, computer, television or radio has knowledge of today being International  Women’s Day. My question is; what is this holiday really about?  Last night, while  I was awake during one of my many sleep intermissions I Googled the holiday. I found a wonderful site called Charming Italy. Author Sara eloquently explained how the holiday arose in 1908 from a tragic burning of a New York factory filled with 128 female workers. Now every March 8th, Italians enjoy celebrating the day with a gift of mimosa flowers, mimosa cakes and of course mimosa drinks. All of which I can clearly recall from my stay in Italy.

The problem I do have is there is a lot of inconsistencies with why and how we are supposed to celebrate International Women’s Day.  Some websites say the day has lost it’s luster of world respecting women to women now gathering going out to celebrate with almost naked men strip shows or alcohol binges.  That is just sad. I mean I do enjoy to look at some sausages like most women, but not today.

Even the International Women’s Day at has an explanation of the day that sounds more like the ingredients from my  Dollar Store face mask.

International Women’s Day is powered by the collective efforts of all

Collective action and shared ownership for driving gender parity is what makes International Women’s Day successful. Gloria Steinem, world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist once explained “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights.” So make International Women’s Day your day and do what you can to truly make a positive difference for women.


I am perplexed. Yeah, I look like the girl in the painting. What the hell does all this mean? Am I equal? Am I struggling to be equal. Am I feminist? Do I have to march in a parade?Do I have to burn my bras? I mean I am laying in bed typing this blog without underwear. I love my bras. My tits are huge and saggy. Those once milk-full- baby-feeding-boobs were magic; however they now need that underwire padded cup with double straps to harness them down. I honestly do want to be equal to my husband. He’s got nuts. Yeah, big ones! They are wrinkled, sometimes very hairy like a someone stuffed a big black afro wig down there. Men are great. I love men! I love my husband. I love my son. I love my dad. I love my grandad. I just don’t want to be any of them. Do you know that men have different kinds of worries than us women? They worry about superheroes, jobs, health, money, love and security. Even more ladies, they worry about us all the time. Our son’s might run off to college, join the military, become a missionary or whatever, but they worry about their mommas. They want  to know we are safe and secure.

In Italy, on International Women’s Day I felt like a princess. Do you want to know why? It was the one place in the whole world that every man stops to cherish woman, not just moms, but women. Every baby girl, child, teen or woman is blessing of a small yellow flower or a small treat and beautiful smile. It was the one day where I felt like it was an honor to be with a vagina and tits empowered by God. I always remembered such a wonderful day.

My problem with International Woman’s Day  is the inconsistencies with what the hell the damn day really is. I am not trying to be irrational like someone men refer to some women, but shit, this day is kind of irrational. WTH? Ladies, why can the day just be about cherishing the woman. It was a kind simple no fuss sweet day filled with yellow flowers, yellow cake and yellow fuzzy drinks, yet some how someone has came in and ruined it for us. WTF?

Simply Perplexed,





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