Right here! Right now!

Right here and right now I am so unorganized. That’s ok. I guess. I mean like what is normal? I think if I had all my shit together right here and right now I would be a computer.

Why am I am mess? Well, let me share a little secret with you. Are you close? Get closer, a little bit closer. Ok, are you ready? Listen. Are you listening? Turn that song up, biotches! Right here! Right now! Right here! Right now!

Great song? Well, you better agree, because it is so true. Right here and right now I have exciting things coming my way. What? What?

Yep, I am stepping out of the box. My tits are even lose. I’m not kidding. Today is fantastic day to just be you. I know I said you need to live in the past, present and future, but for the next two hours I want you to be right here and right now. Kick that planner to the side or throw it. Stop staring at those old pics. I want you get motivate. Are you motivated? What? I can’t hear you. I said, I can’t hear you! Yeah, momma likey.

Now, for the next one to two hours do something for you. Learn something. Listen to a new song. Meditate. Run. Walk. Jump. Even better, just dance! Dance my friend! Bust a move! Learn the new Triangle Dance! Why? Because, this is America! Yeah, America, the greatest place in the world and you can just get up and dance! Do it! Dance! Dance! Dance!

While you silly fools are dancing with your coworkers, buds, strangers or lovers, I am going to hunt down an new tit-slinger. Good luck. Video your dance and post it here or tag me on Twitter or Instagram #JCVCreates.

Dance my friends! Dance!


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