Commando Day, yep no undergarments in the southern hemisphere

Today is commando day for me. I’ve never done it as an adult. It’s never really been my thing. I can honestly name each person that has seen the down south regions. I’m kind of modest. Ok, I’m more prude. I guess or at least that is what my sister call me. Why? Well, I’ve never liked being in my birthday suit. It’s there. I see it when I bathe or shower, but it is not really the one that I would have ordered if I could of.

Then there is my husband who loves his birthday suit. He loves it so much it is almost creepy. Remember the scene in Seinfeld where Jerry talks about good naked vs. the bad naked? LOL Well, don’t fret. I ‘ve got it for you.

After years of training, my husband has finally come to the understand of bad naked. He’s a tad bit more refined let’s say.  I never really caught onto this desire of nudity like him. Instead, I’m more like an undergarment, pajama wearing with a robe or blanket on top type of personality.

Why do I want to go without my undergarments? Simple, I’m still recovering from surgery down in the deep south. The swelling has reduced significantly and now my comfortable undergarments are rubbing on my stitches. Oh man it hurts. It feels like a popcorn kernel or a piece of steak is stuck between my teeth, but in the most highly guarded area of my body. Ouch! Yes, Ouch! It is worse than a pubic hair caught in the liner of your undergarments. Instead, this is very painful.  Now, I am stripped of all my security and I’m free birding in my flowy pants.

We’ve all seen those girls and boys who wear thongs or no underpants in public. It looks like their Crescent Moon is trying to grab the fabric to hide.

I’m not certain why person want to look like their butt is eating their pant’s. Maybe those persons are going through something similar or have not washed laundry in a while and this was the best they could do. Either way, today, I will be among them.

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