The world would be a better place if we taught the Bible as Literature


I bet I got some eyes rolling. To cause a scene is not my intent. I am asking the human race to stand up for the oldest book in history, the Bible.

I went to college to become an educator, but then ended up studying literature and creative writing. As a child I struggled to read. I wanted to read, but the letters were in a funny order things did not make sense. My mother made fun of me. I would ask her what a word was and she would cut me down.

Then one day, my two sisters were talking some funny language to one another. I kept saying, “I don’t understand.” They would laugh at me. I laid in the top bunk of the bunk bed listened to them. I knew they had the right attitude. If you can not get by with what you have, just make it up. That day forward, I did just that. I wrote my own stories. I made words up to the picture books that were already written.

Yesterday, I walked the neighborhood and noticed children’s chalk drawings with words, not real words, but words they had created or attempted to spell. The site of this made me smile. The magic of a child. The miracle of the mind to just forget about all the rules and make them up.

Look at the world today. Seriously, look at the people in mega stores. Look at the people begging on the corners. Listen to the banter back and forth at the restaurants and you will understand one thing, no one knows what is really going on. They are just making it all up as they go.

I am not saying the Bible will not tell you how long to cook that burger or pie; instead, the Bible is the first book ever written that is timeless. The New Testament is a how to guide for any situation in life through metaphors. The wisdom in the Bible is worth more than any money. It even states that. I’m just not going to tell you where, so maybe you will take a chance to read it. Remember my blog on “Heed what you read, see or hear?”

If we could put biblical wisdom back into the hands of humanity we are doing ourselves a favor. Politics, entertainment, news and rumors have people living each day lost. People are confused.

What do you do when you lose everything?  What do you do when someone dies? What do you do when you are character like Joseph, not wanted by your family, put into slavery and then to become the greatest leader under the King? What do you do when you are wrongfully condemned? Do we just commit suicide like those famous people on t.v?

No, no we don’t do quit. The problem is that quitting is the only solution we are taught. We teach our children to walk the walk, face the tough times, turn the other cheek and when all else fails try reset, push control +Alt+ Delete or game over.

If we could stop for one minute making slime, playing sports or acting like stacking marshmallows is STEM and just teach simple plain literature full of great characters with flaws? Teach children about characters with flaws from prostitution, theft, killing and more who learn to obey, forgive, repent and become better humans. Children who learn how to overcome human flaws and strive to make themselves better only make our world better.

I am a Christian. I am flawed. I am not saying the Bible is not God’s Word. What I am saying is we need to teach the Bible.  Let the reader decide who their God is. People argue, if we let the Bible be taught in schools then the Koran must be taught.

I have read the Koran in college. My son had to read the Koran in middle school and college. If we all read the Bible in school and then the Koran we would have more Christian followers.

In the Bible, the hero is Jesus. He is the son of God. He is alone in the world of man. He sees the world differently. Yes, he had Mary, Joseph, brothers, sisters and disciples but in the end Jesus was alone with the weight of the world on his back. On the cross Jesus even cried out, “Father, have you forsaken me?”

In the Koran, the hero is Muhammad is a prophet. He was told by the Angel Gabriel.

The rest is for you to learn.



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