When shit happens…

Today, I ate a bag of GoldFish Crackers. Who does that? Me! This girl, I did that. Ugh!


The good news is that apparently a entire 6.6oz bag of those little orange fishy crackers is only 700 calories. I could’ve done worse. I could’ve eaten an entire cake. I could’ve had a dozen hot fresh chocolate chip cookies or a super sized fry with a juicy hamburger.  Hmm…all that sounds delicious.

One might think, why? Well, it all happened like this. I was on a quest to paint a handmade scarf with fabric dye. It was working. Green, pink and purple brush strokes creating a wonderful tropical vibe. Then I turned away from a moment to check on my dog. Then when I turned back, the colors were smearing.  The lines I had created were growing and merging into one another. The entire thing looked like shit.

I panicked. I took the entire scarf and I shoved it into the pot of purple dye. I took it out rinsed it in cold water. All the dye rinsed off. All I had left was this pathetic piece of fabric. WTH?

That’s when I threw the entire wad of fabric back in the pot of dye.  Then I looked into the kitchen cabinet, grabbed my favorite crackers and started eating them. After about half the bag you’d believe I would’ve gotten thirsty.  Sure, I did. I pour myself a cup of sweet tea. Drank it. Then I sat down and ate the rest of the entire bag.

What can I say? Well, life is not perfect. Sometimes it looks like everything is going great. Things are looking “A” ok. Then, poof, out of nowhere situations pop up and unravel our  plan. That is why Forrest Gump has that “awe moment” of “Shit Happens.”

You see, if  your day, week, month, year or life starts out like mine with things just popping up and knocking you done. Wipe your face off and smile about it just like Forrest did.

When shit happens, remember what Forrest did. He took one step in front of another. He thought about what his mamma always said, “You got to put the past behind you, before you can move on.”




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