Focus on the beauty that surrounds you

It was last year that motto kept running in my mind. It was a fabulous year, not just because of the motto, but because of my perspective.

When I decided to no longer focus on the ugly, hate, greed or sadness around me and poured my attention to the beauty of life, life itself blossomed.

We all have trails in life. Our journeys will have set backs. If you can turn your mind around and be grateful for the blessings bestowed to you life changes.

This week, I had major surgery. I was so blessed that the doctor had no surprises. MY five and half hour surgery ended up only taking four and half hours. My blood pressure was low, 4/60 so I spent more time in recovery room to get my blood pressure up. While I was there laying on my right side with hose and drain coming out of my bottom I noticed a man staring at my naked bum. I could not move or talk so I just laid there. I could have focused all my thoughts on that man, but instead I focused on the talent and love of the nurses assisting all the patients.

These nurses were fascinating. They flowed from patient to patient seamlessly as a unified team caring for those coming out of the operating room.

Sadly, the lady next to me was taking a turn for the worst. Her blood pressure was low, but it was her heart monitor that exhibited she was leaving the world. The nurse tried to console the lifeless body on that gurney and then all of a sudden it was like a swoosh of energy lifted from her frail body. I was still watching. I was unable to talk or move, but I prayed. I prayed for her soul. I prayed for that woman to have peace.

The nurse that had been helping my now deceased neighbor and myself gathered a doctor and two other nurses. The small group of professionals took a moment of silence at her feet. Then they all signed a piece of paper. Then went back to assisting other patients.

Moments later, nurse assistants were unplugging the monitors and machines. That is when one caught me watching.

I have to say, the moment my neighbor left her frail broken body all I saw was beauty. DSC00060

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