What is success? How is it measured?

Today, I woke up feeling, well, accomplished. Why? Readers may ask is it because I got my holiday decorations up one week before Thanksgiving.

No, not exactly, but maybe just maybe putting up the Christmas tree was the catalysts or spark that gave me the boost of endorphins to feel that sense of success.

The real reason I feel accomplished this cold Texas morning is the fact that I have completed two successful art shows with Conception Arts in Austin and Dallas. I have met new and wonderful people full of life, joy, dreams and energy. I have taken an empty structure and created a home for myself and family, all by myself. Ok, Snowpo did help a little. She surely kept me entertained through all the ups and downs.  My list goes on and on, but I do not want to waste your time listing each and every item.

Today, I would say I am successful. The success I feel today can not be measured in dollars; instead, it is measured with each accomplished task I have completed. When I wake up unmotivated, I say to myself, “I must make one minor step in the direction I want to be in.”

For example, during my grueling days of living in a house full of empty boxes it meant to open one box at a time. To focus only on that one single box and its random contents. In my business my daily goal was establish my office. To get every painting on the wall.  To organize my art supplies. To post to social media daily. With my family, I took time out of every day to text, chat or call my loved ones. I took a step forward towards each important element of my life.

My son, a video gamer, tells me that video games give him a sense of accomplishment or success. When he logs into Fall Out , Fan Boy has to collect items, build things, find food. In completing each simple task he can see how his character’s life, home, health and environment improve. I am not saying we all must play video games; however, to children this is a more simple or clear way to see that life is improving.

Success can be measured in so many ways. The most important of them all is to measure where you started. You must look back at where you started life. Think about each and every step you have taken to get to where you are right now. Remembering how far away you were to get to where you are now should give you a sense of success. It is the journey that you and I have traveled towards your goal that makes each one of us successful.

The next time you feel discouraged, take a break. Sip on your favorite beverage. Have a wonderful meal and just relax. Thumb through old photos, Facebook posts or just close your eyes and imagine all the wonderful places you have been. The feelings that came from the first trip you ever took. The taste of the first meal fine meal you ate. Take time to just pat yourself on the back for all the steps you have taken to get to where you are. The key to success is to never stop moving forward.  If that does not work, well then watch the trailer to Fall Out Vault 76. That should do it!


fallout 76 box 1





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