Bah Humbug!

Bah Humbug! Those were the words running through my mind. I just recently moved. My garage looks like an episode of Hoarders. I miss my old friends, house, neighbors, groups, shops, art studio, art contests, artists, festivals and everything else that makes you feel like a thriving part of a community.

Friday, I posted on Facebook, “Should I decorate for Christmas early?”

The response was an overwhelming yes.

What? Yes? Fiddlesticks! I really didn’t think anyone would answer my mumbo jumbo question. Ugh!

Saturday, instead of just opening any random cardboard moving box, I opened the ones marked “Christmas.” The first box was easy.  It contained a snowman rug along with a few animated stuffed snowmen. Next, I opened five boxes moving boxes that blocked my path to the guest room. Inside each one of those boxes included clothing, desk items, movies and a few books. Yes, our movers took special attention to ensure that one item from each room of our former home would be placed in each box.  Instead of opening one box with all the contents from one designated room, I get to take one or a few items from each box and walk around the house to find a place to put it. It is like a reverse Easter egg hunt, but without the chocolate and fun. No, this is more like mere madness.

Lunch time, I sit on the sofa with Snowpo and watch the Hallmark movie on. I see one Christmas tree, followed by another Christmas tree, next to another Christmas tree, right alongside another Christmas tree all in about five minutes into the story.  That is when I jump off the sofa.  Go into the garage and drag the large Christmas tree box all the way across the house to the living room.

Two days later and my home looks like Christmas.

You know what? I am glad I did. I have cured my Bah Humbug blues.  Snowpo is enjoying all the Christmas decorations too.





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