Welcome jcvcreates.com and goodbye 365days2bpublished.com

Today marks the one-year anniversary of JCV Creates, formerly 365days2bpublished. I apologize I have been absent from the blogging world. I have used my time away to reanalyze my blogging goals and move from the East coast to Midwest. I am still unpacking and getting settled in, but I felt I needed to notify readers that I have not given up on this blog.

My goal for starting this blog was to create a platform and to be noticed by a literary agent or publisher. My overall hope was to be published within a year. I failed. I patiently submitted my manuscript to one agent at time waiting the eight weeks to hear the response that they were no longer taking submission from unknown writers. The truth of the matter is, I knew three months ago this deadline was approaching. I regretted the idea that I would have to face this blog to say, “I failed.”

Over the past year, I have grownup. I have realized how irrational my writing goal was. Writing is a craft, skill and art. Stories are manifested through the passion of creating characters, drama, plot, and perfected with editing. What happened to me is normal under abnormal situations. You see, I faced the death of an abusive parent, lost an amazing grandmother and life just shifted. Life is always changing. People die, friends move on, and relationships change. Last year, for once in my life, I wanted something so bad that I declared it; however, through trial and error I learned that demands do not always work.

This past year I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in creating stories for this blog. I have laughed at the humor of my own stories. I have cried tears of sadness in others. I also posted crap that I am ashamed of, but most of all my greatest accomplishment was having readers compliment and comment on my writings. Through my failure, have learned a new lesson in life. Writing is an art. I will continue to create new stories just for joy of expressing human emotions through characters while enjoying my journey through life in hopes of one day being published.


  1. I love the redirection!! 🙂 I had wondered when we first “met,” months ago, if the “2bpublished” mission might not take some of the joys out of writing–I’m very glad to know you’re powering forward for the joy of it! 🙂

  2. It sounds like an incredibly tough year. If it helps, I’ve been writing for 6 years. Trying to get an agent for the past 3 years. Realized my writing was not good enough for 5 of those years. It’s a slow process. You constantly learn and grow and you get better at it. Getting an agent in one year was a really hard goal to meet, but you sent stuff out and faced rejection–that’s HUGE! I think you had an incredibly successful writing year because you put yourself and your work out there. You took a chance and a risk. And you were awesomely brave. Congrats to you!

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