Limb pick up

“Whatcha doing?”


“Where ya going?”


“Why ya wearing that?”


“The doctor scrubs with rain boots”

“Because I don’t want to ruin my clothes.”

“What’s in your pocket?”

“Rubber gloves”

“Why do ya have rubber gloves?”

“I don’t like to get my hands dirty.”

“Ok, what exactly are ya gonna be doing in Radcliff?”

“I’m picking up limbs. I need to have the gloves so I don’t get blood on my hands.”

“What kind of limbs are ya gonna pick up?”

“You know arms and legs.”

“Noooo, your not gonna pick up those kind of limbs. It’s supposed to be tree limbs.”

“If that’s that the case, I’ll just stay home.”

“So why were you willing to go pick up arms and legs but not tree limbs?”

“Because I might have met a zombie.”


  1. Funny post. You think like me…Limb pick up totally made me think of body parts without missing a beat!

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