Surprise muffins

Fay was busy in the kitchen.  There was flour, milk, eggs and other baking supplies sitting out on the counter when Max walked through the back door.

“Whatcha doing?” Asked Max.

“I’m cooking”

“Whatcha cooking?”


“What kind?”

“My muffin surprise”

“Cool, in Louisiana they call it a King Cake.”

“That’s stupid. I’m not putting a king in the muffins.”

“Noooo, they don’t put a king in the cake. They put a baby in it.”

“Well I’m totally not putting a baby in the muffins.”

“It’s not a real baby. It’s a plastic tiny baby.”

“Still stupid.”

“So why do you call it muffin surprise?”

“When I get muffins at the corner store and I find something the lady says, ‘surprise!’ So I’m calling it muffin surprise.”

“Cool. Can I help?”

“Sure.  Add the cup of milk to the mix.”

“Ok. Why’s butter floating in the milk?.”

“Because its buttermilk, duuuuhh…”

“That’s not right.”

“It says so in the recipe.”


“Just stir the mix while I put the baking cups in the pan.”

“I’m finished stirring.”

“Ok, here pour the mix in to the cups.”

“Like this?”


“Whatcha doing now?”

“I’m adding the surprise.  Turn your back.”

“Uh, no… I’m not eatting muffins without knowing what’s inside them.”

“Fine, only you can look, but don’t tell anyone which muffin has the surprise. It’s a secrete.”


Then Fay takes a long brown hair and reaches to put it in a muffin. Max blocks her hand.“Ewww…Yuck!  You can’t do that. That’s bad.”

“No, it’s good.  The woman on the corner always says, ‘Surprise!’ When I find a hair in a muffin.”

“It’s an accident.  It must have been on her apron or fell from her head.  No one would sell muffins with hair in them.  That’s gross.”

“Let’s do a taste test.  We can give them to our neighbors.  We’ll see what they think.”

“No, that’s bad. How about we just eat the muffins without the surprise. I bet they’ll taste good.”

“Fine, but they will just be muffins not muffin surprise.  What’s the fun in that?”

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