The Protagonist and Antagonist

I recently purchase Final Draft. It’s a different style of writing for sure. I have dipped my fingers into it and let’s just say it not as simple as writing here. The good thing about my purchase is that I received additional tools to assist me in writing the perfect screenplay. At first I was overwhelmed with the multiple books and videos, but when my computer crashed during the upload I was grateful. That small jostle in my writing plans gave me time to do research. That was when I began to read about the Protagonist and Antagonist. I enjoyed the refresher course. Writers have a very simple way of looking at situations in everyday life. A writer can clearly identify the flaws or his or her characters. The goal of Protagonist is determined before the story is written, thus plot. The antagonists are those creepy, greedy, nasty, horrible people identified by some clear intention to harm or detour the protagonist. If only life in the real world could be so simple; everyone on this planet grew up believing in the great good, religion and last him or herself. Then over time trusted loved ones, parents, family, friends, employers and more have acted as the antagonist to destroy the protagonist. Characters in movies, books and plays always overcome those challenges. That’s what leads to a happy story. I just wished sometimes life could be so easy.

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