Justifably coo-coo

“Vern, Vern I have evidence!”


“I have the evidence you’ve been needing all these years.”

“Daddy, what are you babbling about?”

“Your neighbor is justifiably, you know,  coo-coo.”

“What do you mean?”

“I walked to the Post Office today.  She didn’t notice me because I was wearing those baggy jeans left behind by the teenage caught with his girlfriend in the shed.  You remember?”

“Yes, yes now back to story.  That’s a different story.”

“Ok so I’m in the Post Office in my baggy hip-huger pimp pants with my hoodie I found in the trash behind the gas station.”

“Yes, yes the one with the stain on the front.”

“Yeah, it’s like a bullet wound with a blood stain, but no hole.  Very interesting shirt, It’s a classic conversational piece.”

“Daddy, I’m busy. I have to make dinner, back to the story about the neighbor.”

“Ok, ok, so I’m addressing the envelopes.  She is leaving the Post Office and yells, “You’re prices keep getting jacked-up! What’s wrong with this postal service?  Then she sees my face.  She pauses and then says, “Oh, hi how are you?”

“No she didn’t”

“Yes! Yes, she was like coo-coo.  I just ignored her like she always does to us.”

“Well, even though I don’t care for her, you should be nice.”

“Nope, that lady is coo-coo.”

“She was just having a bad day. You’re the one wearing pants left in our shed and a stained trashed hoodie found behind a gas station.  Who’s the real coo-coo?”

“Not nice! My wardrobe is like recycling. I’m making the world a better place.  While she’s going postal.  Now, she’s justifiably coo-coo.”

“Fine daddy, if you say so.”

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