Sheer top

“Whatcha doing?”


“Whatcha shopping for?”


“What’s that?”

“A shirt”

“Why is it clear?”

“Not clear, it’s sheer.”

“Clear or sheer, it’s like not having a top on at all.”

“But it is.”

“You should save your money and just not wear a shirt.”

“I can’t just walk around in my bra.  I could get arrested.”

“Yet you are willing to spend fifty dollars on this see-through top?”

“Leave me alone.”

“No, that top is bad.”

“No, that top is good. I’m getting the top.  It’s final.”

“Now what are you looking for? Clear pants?”


“Oh, yeah, I forgot sheer pants.  Are you looking for sheer pants to go with your sheer shirt?”

“That’s stupid.  I’m looking for a sweater.”


“Because it’s winter, I can’t go around town in a sheer top without a long sleeve turtleneck sweater.  That’s stupid.”

“So it’s not stupid to wear a clear, oops forgotten again, sheer top, but stupid to not wear a sheer top under a turtleneck sweater in the winter.”

“Yeah, duh…”

“Well, if you’re going to buy a turtleneck sweater then why are you going to waste fifty dollars on a sheer shirt that no one will even see?”

“Because it’s fashion!”

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