Finding my weaknesses in writing


I started this blog 58 post ago.  My intention of blogging was and still is to get published.  I found the first week to be extremely difficult.  I feared to see my failures on paper or worse the internet.  It is true that finding your weakness can be the best thing that happens.  Well, I hope so.  I found my strength is still creative writing.  I love to have disputes between characters.  That is where I am comfortable.  The problem is that I love to rush through. I’ve always been one to jump on a new project.  I fail to slow down, check and recheck before showing my product.  That has led to posting writings that I was not happy with.  In staying true to myself I feel it is important to keep those posts so I can remind myself how I can do better.  It has also given me the drive to improve my writing.  My newest reading project is “179 WAYS TO SAVE A NOVEL” by Peter Seligin.  I am slowly digesting each meditation.  I found the book easy to read and can reflect on how I have completly turned my second novel into a failure.  I hope with the wisdom packed book by Seligin I hope I am able to find new strengths and perhaps even save my second novel.

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