Vern’s search

“Vern, what are you doing?”

“I’m attempting to find the fall decorations.  This garage is a disaster.”

“You’ve got to go through this stuff. When are you going to throw this stuff away?”

“When I’m ready”

“Look at this crap. It’s not even boxed properly.  There’s stuff everywhere. I’ve given up on finding my own things. Now I just buy new ones.”

“Stop talking”


“Daddy you’ve said enough”

“I just think it’s time you give some of this junk away. It’s not helping you sitting here.”


“Holding onto this stuff is not right. Look at you looking at it. It’s upsetting you.”

“Leave me alone”

“Vern, I know it’s been hard, but it’s time to let go of these things.”

“No, it’s not time.  It was different when mom passed. You lived together your whole life. You were married for twenty seven years. I wanted that.” Vern begins to cry.

“Ok sweetheart, can we at least throw away this broken ornament on the ground?”

“I guess.’

“That’s the sprit.  If you want to hold on to these things, it’s ok.”

Vern started crying louder.

“Now what’s wrong?”

“I can’t find the Halloween decorations. There’s so much stuff.”

“I know, let’s do as I do.  Let’s go buy some new ones.”

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