Getting your eye poked

You all have heard the same thing, “Be careful or someone’s going to poke their eye.”

Then there is the statement, “It’s all fun and games until someone pokes their eye out.”

Hmm, have you ever thought this could be true? Really can you poke someone’s eye when you are just having a good time?  Truth is, yes.  Sadly there are often eye injuries and losses due to playing around.  A few days ago I was playing around and got my eye poked.   No, it didn’t fall out.  Yes, it f***ing hurt.  Let me give you a play by play look into how this feels.

  1. You are playing around, laughing, having a good time or not.  Then wait for it. Wait for it. Wham! It is so fast you can’t stop it.  It pierces the eye, scrapes across the cornea and touches the other side of the eye ball.
  2. The initial pain is nothing like the lightning bolt flash of light that goes off inside your eye.  Then it is like a sledgehammer hits you on your head.
  3. You pull away.  The lightning bolt flash is gone.  Now you have a feeling of fire in your eye.  First response is to grab ice.  The small rips to the cornea feel like sand in your eyes.  You have a desire, a deep desire to pour water in your eye.  I did that.  Next, I wrapped a bandage around my head to protect the eye. Then I put ice on top of the bandage, all why crying.
  4. The best thing to do at this point is to drive to the nearest emergency room.  Due to the minimum 8 hour wait at our local hospital. I declined.  I continued to cry. Took the strongest pain killer in the house.  I managed until morning.
  5. Seven in the morning I was in the doctor’s office.  They gave me amazing eye numbing drops.  The numbing drops work like a miracle.  Next, they dye the eye and use a blue light to look for scratches.  Then they wash the eye.  Last they put on Erythromycin ointment on the eye and bandaged it. 
  6. The eye ball was feeling much better.  The problem was later I had two headaches.  They were similar to the event with the flash of lightning with a hammer hitting you on the head.  That is the signal for time to take more pain pills.

The moral to my story is: It is all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked.

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