Bikini Sale

Today was the One day sale at my favorite clothing store. I received a coupon for an additional 15% off the already reduced priced swimwear purchased before noon today.  I convinced myself that I could find the perfect suit during my one hour lunch break.

 Eleven o’clock, I clock out.  I grabbed my essentials: wallet, keys and cell phone and jogged to the car.  Then I drove like mad to the mall. Inside the store, I looked at the time on my phone, 11:10. With haste I make my way to the swimwear. I am surprised to see all the bikini tops on one rack and five feet away all the bottoms were on two different racks. I surveyed the tops.  Took five I liked the best.  Then I scurried to find matching bottoms.   First rack, no matching bottoms to the tops in my hand. Second rack, I find a few bottoms.  Desperate I go into the dressing room. Suit one, bottoms are torn. Suit two bottoms are way too small.  Suit three bottoms ok but top is too small. Agh! I want to scream, but instead I get dressed and go back to the racks. Beep! I receive a text message, time is 11:25.  I ignore the text message.

Back at the racks I grab more tops and bottoms. In the dressing room one by one each suit I put on is a failure. I am almost in tears. Beep! I receive another text message.   I continue to ignore the phone.  I put on the last suit still hanging. To my amazement the black halter top and full bikini bottom fits amazingly.  I get dressed.  At the register I hand the suit to the cashier. The sales associate rings up the $126 suit, but I tell her I have a coupon. I begin to look for the coupon in my wallet.  Finally I find it folded behind my license. I hand it to her.  The total is now $44.10. Beep! Another text received.  Time is 11:45. I reach for my debt card but I can’t find it.  I start taking out all membership, discount and business cards. Now the associate is just looking at me.  Beep! A text marked urgent.  I finally open the text, “You dropped your debt card on the way out of the office. Please hurry back.” I tell the sales woman I have left my card and she kindly responds, “No holds on sale items and your coupon will expire in ten minutes.”

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