Drug Rehab

I am dedicating this post to a friend of mine in rehab. I watched the news and learned of another famous person who has been sentenced to rehab. It breaks my heart that so many wonderful, creative and beautiful people are fighting addiction.

What hurts me the most is that the addicts themselves don’t see their own potential and in many cases end up dying in overdose, suicide or engaging in risky behavior.  I wrote earlier on this blog about pain. There was a day when nothing would take away the pain of back spasms.  I finally reached for alcohol hoping that it would knock me out. That was after a pain shot, pain pills and radio wave physically therapy treatment.  I was lucky because the next day my pain dissipated.  Yet, I could think about was if the pain my friend was suffering was like my pain was the day before.  Was their pain physical, emotional or both..  Could my  friend’s suffering hurt so much that no matter what they did the pain never vanishes?

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