Sewing Fail

After reading an article about clothing costing more this fall I decided to make shirt of my own.  In the past I have made two very cute up-to-date blouses.  They are by no means couture, but I enjoy them.  I found some very high quality fabric on the clearance rack for $5 a yard.  The thread was only $3 and the pattern cost $4.99.  All together this shirt was going to be fashionable and cost only a mere twenty dollars.

  1. My first error was cutting out the pattern too large.  I had forgotten that pattern sizes are not the same as clothing sizes.
  2. My second error was to cut the neck binding too short, so I had to bring up the shoulder.
  3. After working three hours on this project that was supposed to only take two hours I came up with an oversized shirt that looks like a tablecloth.

Horrified with the outcome of my fashion project I got out the scissors to make adjustments.  This time I did not look for any pattern.  I put on the oversized garment and pinned it to my size.  Then I snipped off about twelve inches of fabric.  I folded over the seam and stitched on top without using binding.  Finally I had created a one-shoulder top from of the original project.   I was grateful that I was able to create a new  blouse, but I feel that sewing lesson are one of my priorities before I attempt another sewing fail.

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