Applique Kitchen Towel

Using the instructions and designs from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts book I am going to create applique fall kitchen towels.

1. Purchase and gather supplies: fabric in colors that compliment, binding, fabric glue, pins, scissors, iron, plain kitchen towels and thread.

2. Print fall leaf designs from the CD provided.

3. Cut leaf prints out.

4. Iron the interfacing to the back side of the fabric.

5. Pin the leaf designs to the fabric with the interfacing and cut it out.Tip: I used a fabric glue stick to attach the leaf designs before pinning it, so it would not move while sewing.

6. Hand stitch or use a sewing machine to sew around the edges of the fabric. I used stitch pattern 21 on a Brother sewing machine.

7. I added a strip of fabric to the bottom of the towel for decor. This craft was simple to make and I was impressed with the finished product.

Thanks Martha Stewart for an easy to follow applique pattern!


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