Freakish Pain

Yesterday I suffered freakish pain in my back and shoulder thanks to tendonitis. I just felt like it was a good topic since there have been recent cases where famous people have overdosed on pain medicine.

Before yesterday I have been graced to not suffer. Then, Tuesday night after a month of physical therapy I injured myself. Instanly the swelling began, the tightening of my ribs, difficulty breathing, shooting pain ran down my arm with the accompanied feeling of a knife in my back, I rushed to the hospital. Then I left because the wait was eight hours. I went back home took more Ibuprofen.

At 7:30 AM I was in the doctors office. There I received a pain shot that was not narcotic. I honestly refused to take a perscription of muscle relaxers because of the addictive properties. By noon the pain was coming back I took 800mg of Ibuprofen. After a heat treatment from the physical therapist I was ready for more Ibuprofen. Night time the pain was getting worse, it felt like fire ants chewing at my muscles. My last resort was to drink a beer and hope it would just knock me out. I highly recommend that no one in the world do as I did. I just wanted to make note of with all our modern advances in medicine: why can we not stop pain?

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