Slow Down!

I have a new slogan for myself. “Slow down!”
I am and always have been one of those annoying, fast talking, never sitting kind of girls. I love to do stuff all the time. I fidget, wiggle, talk, make noises, play with my phone and look at books all while watching television. Truth is, my family, friends and even I have learned to live with it. My need for speeding through things has never hurt me until now.

I have recently noticed that my fast talking and typing has led me to create typos or grammatical errors in my blog. The good news is through modern technology I can edit later. Yet, now that I have identified my weakness I wonder how I can improve my writing habits. I guess I can just heed my own warning and slow down.


  1. I’m a big multi-tasker. So if the wife & I are watching a movie I will also be perusing a magazine, etc Because of this it is easy for me to feel like I am not doing much when I am just sitting in front of a computer screen writing. But like you I need to slow things down, focus on a single thing and get to writing 🙂

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