Have a Heart

What happened to the public message of pass it forward? What happened to kindness, compassion, empathy? Why did it take only one pandemic to wipeout the simple goodness in humanity?

For the past few years, the public service message has been “pay it forward.” People at drive thru restaurants, Starbucks and gas stations all across the nation were purchasing food and drink orders for strangers. Simple humans were doing simple kind gestures for strangers.

Covid 19 has brought many challenges to our lives, but one of them should not be to harden our hearts. Bonnie Raitt’s song, “Have a Heart” is my cry for you. I am not asking that you pay it forward, heck many of us are barely able to pay our own bills. You don’t need to put more stress on yourself. Instead, I am asking that you take a moment and think about your tongue, your words, your actions and have heart.

Stop speeding down the interstate off or on ramp like it you are in a Mad Max movie. Stop cursing in public. Stop sitting in the pharmacy drive through line for 30 minutes to wait for your prescriptions, pull around, park and wait, let other’s get their medications too. Stop being mean. Stop grimacing at your neighbors. Stop being ugly, on the inside. You can do ugly on the outside, that’s ok.

Proverbs 14:21 He who despises his neighbor sins, but happy is he who is kind and merciful to the poor. http://bible.cbn.com/#!/bible/amp/20/14/21?p=bible

Thus meaning, if you want to go around public being rude, crass, ungrateful, unruly, unkind, selfish, bitter, mean, mean spirited or just a complete ass, then you are sinful. You are not walking in the light of God.

Today, as you move through this day and everyday forth try to just take a moment and have a heart. Be kind and merciful to the stranger near you. Today and everyday forward, have a heart.


JCV Creates

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