Slow the Plot Down

Over the past few months during Covid many of us have been binge watching television or scanning pages of quick reads. Then one day, I posted something on social media that was humorous, but rude. Then time after time, my social media postings became more reflective of the outside world not my inner world.

Change began one day. I honestly don’t know why, maybe it was a sermon that came up on YouTube or maybe a spark of discernment left in my heart buried under all the brush of life’s hard lessons. What I do know is that was the day I had to block toxic people from my life. People I love and care about, I had to block . I wanted to love myself more. I had to put myself first.

Then I continued to fill my empty days streaming shows and scanning books. I kept feeding my soul with stories. Stories full of drama pushing the boundaries of our social structure. Many of the shows and movies developed after the 90’s seem to have one key point. The story line is so cocked full of events ever unfolding at a rapid pace. It is whirlwind of drama. Again, one day, I decided that this shit was not for me, not now. Yes, I do enjoy a carnival ride that goes around in vortex of circles that makes my hair fly in all directions; however, not all the time.

I fear media is harming the human race by constantly feeding us news and drama at an autobahn pace. I profoundly missed the ability to think. Now, I craved more than ever to watch a movie, show, or read a good read at a snails pace. I wanted to consume every spoken and unspoken word the artist had created. I fixed my hunger for more meaning plots by subscribing to Sundance Now. I began to watch tv shows in subscript. The passion that is evoked reading one word at a time while hearing it in a foreign language is magical. I felt my cold heart warming up.

Lately, I have stayed up late watching Turner Classic Movies. I stopped reading popular reads. I have walked slower around the blocks of my home. I stopped and took pictures of flowers in the rain along the sidewalk. I have made delicious meals from scratch. I have slowed down the plot, my plot.

My advice to you, “slow your plot down.”


JCV Creates

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