State Fair of Texas

State Fair of Texas is one of the greatest opportunities to enjoy the diversity of Texas. From shows, animals, shopping, midway, music, rides, horticulture, art and food  you can experience all this great state has to offer up till 20 October 2019.



State Fair of Texas is one of the few places where you can enjoy sipping on a Jack and Coke slush or a frozen margarita while strolling or rolling with your homies or family.

You will need to grab a snack while you are here and the choices are off the chain everything from vegetarian dishes, fruits, funnel cakes, ice cream, pizza, barbeque, hamburgers, nachos, chicken strips, Indian Tacos, gyros and so much more.



Have you ever wanted to look at new cars without all the hassles or pressure of salesmen and women? This is the place! You take a peek inside of many new cars hitting the market alone with luxury dream cars like the Range Rover, Mercedes, Jaguars and those glammed out trucks with all the chrome.

Needing an original gift for someone? Found it! This is the only time of the year you can purchase a one of kind life size wooden Indian sculpture by Jerry Axon. Bob Brown of B and B Glass Studio has created a collection of whimsy, adorable blown glass chickens figurines doing all types of shenanigans. Maybe you need a gift with a little more sass.  “World’s Greatest Farter” pillowcase might just be the item.


Let us all not forget the one main attraction at the fair are those huge fluffy, puffy, zany, silly, cuddly, wuddly, chubby, supersized stuffed animals.  This lovely Texas couple was gracious enough to showcase their super bounty of wonderful puff loot from the midway.


Listen, the music on center stage was top dollar. The artist were wonderful and mesmerizing. Many of the crowd enjoyed listening while some more engaging folks took to dancing like this local Texan.


What about safety? I never felt more safe in my life. Police were in abundance watching the crowds from horses, golf carts, stands and walking amongst the crowds. The quantity and quality of men and women in blue makes one proud to be a Texan. img_2282.jpg

Come and enjoy the State Fair of Texas up till the 20 October2019. Take the time to plan your visit at Grab up some green. Wear comfy shoes and bring your cellphone, so you can get a selfie with Big Tex.

Share your State Fair of Texas photos here!






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