Last night, around 7pm, I was mowing my backyard in 95 degree temperatures under the setting sun and mega humidity. The entire time, I prayed to God, “Please bring cooler weather.”

Ok, I was more like a toddler pleading with God for cooler weather as sweat was dripping from every pore on my body.

I woke this morning to 65 Degree temps, the first time in over 100 days.  Wow! Excited, I hurry up and get ready to mow the front yard. Sunscreen lathered, hat and sunglasses on I go outside to see that my husband had drenched the yard with water.

I blow up like a sky rocket. I am ranting and yelling. WTF! Why? Why today, when you refused to water the yard last night when I asked to? Are you trying to kill me?

I take the dog to the dog park and return. The yard is still soaking wet. I have two options.

  1. Risk being electrocuted since I have to use extension cords plugged into the mower in order to operate the electric lawn mower.
  2.  Wait for the grass to dry. Then under the scorching hot Texas sun and 90 Degree heat mow the yard. Then miss the trash truck, so I get to load up all 10 yard bags in my SUV.  Then drive to the landfill to dump the grass that should have been cut before the trash man arrived.

Guess what? I decided that my fate was in God’s hands. If he can give me cooler temps to mow in, then I should have enough faith that I can mow in water, or at least end up in a better place if I were to get electrocuted.

Moral of the story. Listen! Listen to your partner. If they plan to mow the yard in the morning then please don’t water it, and if God grants you a blessing you better take it. I guess not only Moses can walk on water.

Faithfully grateful to God,






Woke up this morning to 65 Degree weather. Excited, I get ready to mow the front yard, but find that my husband decided to water the yard before I pull my lo

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