Trials through life

Last week, I faced a few trials. First, my car would not start when I was in a hurry to make a very important meeting. Second, our air-conditioning was not working.

I worried the worst case in both items. I worried that we might have to purchase a new a new air conditioner, HVAC, for our home. Which we did not have the money for.

I worried that my car costs would be in the thousands.

I worried so much that my stomach hurt and I could not sleep for three days. My husband I got quiet and tense. I knew we were both carrying the worries. We had become worriers not warriors.

We prayed about the troubles we were facing.

“Let’s not worry about it. We don’t really know what’s wrong with either the car or the air conditioner. Let’s not worry about the worst case of either when in reality it could be something small for both.” I told my husband.

“What if we’ve got to buy a new air conditioner for the home? We don’t have the money at this time. What if we only have one car?” Said my husband.

“Then we will survive. I was raised without air conditioning. You were raised without air conditioning. We will get one of those window units or something until we can buy a new system. We will share a car until next year when yours is paid off. In reality, we must not worry too much it could be something small for both.” I explained.

Over the  next few days, both the car and the air conditioner were repaired. We were blessed that our home warranty covered all most all the repairs for the our air conditioner. The car was temporary repaired with a dire warning that it was in need of possible major repairs.

My husband and I were blessed. We walked out of the storm blessed. We didn’t win the lottery or get a pass. We did have to come out of pocket for expenses, which we had savings for.

The car ended up dying again this week. My husband and had a valuable conversation about the car. The facts are things get old. Things break. Things will need repairs. That is why it is beneficial to have savings. This happens to rich and poor people. All things break.

The only reason I am writing about my trials of last week is exemplify life is full of upsets, breaks and hurts. Most of life is based on how you respond to trials in your life. My husband and I could have blamed one another or got upset about things, but we didn’t. Instead, we talked about the options on moving forward.

Life is full of trials. God is here for us. While it looks like things are impossible to move forward it isn’t. Our trials create opportunities to change. We must keep in account that change is inevitable. Our trials create a path that can be positive. It can be a compromise in a relationship.

“If a situation is difficult, rise above it,” said Joel Osteen.

Don’t get boggled down of the negative. Focus on solutions. Focus on alternatives. Focus on coming together with a compromise.

Last, have faith things will get better while moving in a positive direction. If you sit to wait for someone to help you, you may be left behind. Get up, dress up, talk up and make changes for the better in your life. Each day, start the day with a positive mindset.

Keep in mind, no matter who you see or talk to today is also facing trails. We define ourselves in how we respond. Dr. Charles Stanley is the one who makes me face my trials in life with more ease and peace. I hope you too can find strength in his message in any trial you face.


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