What is beauty?

Yesterday, I was on assignment for a new story. When interviewing two very different women I discovered the most delicate beauty in both of them like an orchid growing in a forest.

The delicate beauty behold in these two women was divine. Both were of  different ages, different life styles and in different places in life. I asked them questions to the story I was developing for the newspaper when I found their answers to be completely different, but beautiful.

What is beauty?

I had a stereotype of what was beautiful based on what my family and friends had impacted on me as a child. It was as simple as Loni Anderson, Pamala Anderson, or any woman with blonde hair, small waist, long legs, big tits and curvy butt. My stereotype of what was beautiful was not my fault. You see as a child the first few years of life you are downloading all the information given to you. That information is false. It is based on a façade. Smoke and mirrors, is what Hollywood would say.

Now, after years of education, traveling and wisdom I have found that many of my beliefs are just mis-programing of information. I got some variables in my flow chart, but much of the information I needed was just not divulged to me.

Beauty of a person is a fire that ignites their soul. It is the kindness they disclose. It is the respect they give to others. It is glow in their eyes when they talk about their passions, family and friends. It is their smile. Beauty in a smile can be all things, but is best measured in the genuinely of it.

My goal to you today is meet someone new and discover their beauty. Embrace the beauty of one another.

Love always,


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