What watching the Real Housewives of NYC has taught me…

Watching the Real Housewives of NYC has taught me that life is never simple or constant. I remember the first time I saw Bethany. She was sofa surfing. She was giving away brownies at the market. Now, she is on top of the world.

I remember Ramona. She had it all. She had a flourishing business. She had a great family, a great husband and wonderful daughter. She was my aspiration in life. I wanted to be like Ramona. Ramona lost many things over the years. The most important thing she lost was her sense of romance. You can see her struggle with this as she now dates. I think it is sad to see her look for that perfect match like she once had with Mario.

Sonja is the silly fun girl. Watching her over the years fall down that rabbit hole for so long was so disappointing. I prayed for Sonja. I worried that one day she would drink just too much and not wake up again. It hurt so bad to see her hurting.

I have watched the Real Housewives of NYC since the very first episode. Then, over the summer we moved. We got Dish. I got screwed out of Bravo. I told my husband, “I’m ok. I don’t really need to watch that show anymore. I’m good.”

However, I wasn’t. Watching that reality show was my reality check to life. As shit got real after the move. Meaning, I lost all my friends. I lost my neighbors. I lost my beautiful home. I lost the flowers that grew all over our neighborhood and the park. I lost the walks along the river. I lost Louisiana. I lost my health. Snowy lost the ability to walk. Well, I just lost it.

Moving is hard. I get it. I’ve done it nine times in the past 13 years. However, this move was not just about the move it was about settling into a place that could become that forever place. This place, here in Texas is supposed to be one very long stop. I was ok with that too.

However, I wasn’t. I am a simple creature. I love food. I love to be loved. I love family. I love friends. I love nature. What I did not love was the idea that this place here in Texas, away from my son, would be the last place I would rest my head, and I would never see another episode of the Real Housewives of NYC again either.

Then something happened. It was like I reached my tipping point. I began to light my prayer candles. I began to read again. I began to write. I began to get out of the home and meet new people with my new part time job as a news reporter. My husband ordered Bravo for the home. I am back to watching my favorite reality shows.

Watching the Real Housewives of NYC was taught me no matter how much you believe things will remain the same, they don’t. Things fall apart. People come together. People fall apart. Friendships fall apart. Like me, I too had fallen apart and this show reminded me that one day, I too will come back together.

Avid watcher of Real Housewives of NYC,


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  1. I do totally relate to every single thing you wrote here ! This show and the oc is what made me realise exactly how we all go through the same things! Love this ladies !

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