Can Marketing Ever Be Too Good?

Over the past weekend, I took my family to an event. It is an annual event. I was highly promoted on Facebook. It sounded fabulous, fun and interesting. The problem is my family and I found the event disappointing, unfun and slightly disgusting.

Due to the nature of the world, I feel like I can not disclose the event without any repercussions. I thought about the diaapointment on the way home and after a long body scrubbing shower.

Why has not anyone opened the lid on this gig? Do other people fear the wrath of giving a bad review?

In the planning process of attending this event, I had emailed members of my family with the marketing information for the event. We all agreed that it sounded cool and fun. Now, as an adult I had to explain to my son why the event was not really like the one portrayed.

I told him, back in the 80’s the government had oversight to ensure that customers were not taken advantage of, like we were for this event. Then he ask how businesses were allowed to get away with all the tiny microscopic print on sale ads. We have all seen those ads. I just replied with, “I don’t know.”

On a different day, I was driving down the street and saw a new SUV with the price of $17,899.00 on the window. I was surprised to see such a great price, then as I got closer it had tiny print that said, “off the sale price.”

How is this legal? Really?

I worked in real estate. I worked in mortgages. There is a lot of oversight in both fields. Why? Well, buying a home can break or make a family. There is a lot at stake. Regulations are to protect the home buyer, the investors of those bonds that will include that mortgage and maintain a stable home market where that home was sold. The game is fair.

Why then, is it fair that I am stuck feeling displeased and robbed by a product costing $5, $20, $50 or $200 or $17,899? If I am getting taken for a ride, then others must be too.

So now what do I do? What should you do?

Well, I am going to send an email to the organizer of the event and ask for a refund. I am feel like I should start there. I should take one step in the right direction of making companies more responsible for their product and false marketing. I think that maybe everyone out there that has recently been taken for a ride should do the same. We as customers need to stand up to the bullies in markets. I think if enough people start to speak up in a gentile manner, not posting it on social media or protesting we might actually find these companies begin to behave.

Worried customer,


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