Empathy does not come in a pill, Empathy does not come in a liquid.

Empathy is taught.

Poor parenting is caused by lack of empathy.

Poor parenting raises a generation of learned hopeless /helpless adults.

These adults are selfish. Why? They got to where they are by surviving. They did so being selfish. Selfish, un-empathic people virtually throw people under the buss to get what they want. They literally commit crimes to get what they need. Why?

Poor parenting, lack of empathy is why.

Poor parenting and lack of empathy is destroying humanity.

Today, a child was screaming, kicking, and throwing thier arms around for 30 minutes. The medical staff did nothing. The parent sat on their cellphone ignoring the child. The people in the waiting room did nothing.

Finally, I asked the parent if the child needed anything. She shook her head no as she continued to play on her cell phone. Visually, this parent and child were both under weight.

It is close to lunch time, so I ask the medical staff to please provide a snack for this screeching neglected 1 year-old unable to communicate. The staff finally gave the child some crackers. The little girl sat down and quietly started eating.

Neglected, unable to communicate this child learned that somewhere in this very big world there is a stranger that will stand up for her.

Medical staff and the security officer at the medical clinic need to train in empathy. At work do your job with care. Care for those who can not care for themselves.

Next time you see a child in need help. Any help is good. Offer a snack. Tell the mom to get off the phone. Help humanity by helping others.



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