Last Sunday of 2018

Today is the last Sunday of 2018. I woke up starving. Not that I am deprived of food, but merely that I live for food. I dream food. I think food. I love food.

After stuffing my face with blueberry pancakes. I looked at the clock and noticed I have three hours till Sunday service. I have lived in Texas for only four months and still have not found a church that I love. I found many nice churches, but not the one that makes me feel comfortable during devotion.

A flash of all the blessings that have been bestowed to my family and friends passed through my head. That is when  I declared I would go to church today. The last Sunday of 2018 is my day of devotion to God who brought me up from poverty, saved me from alcoholism, healed my emotional and physical wounds and walks with me each and everyday.

Why is religion so important to me? Well, long story short, God has been the only thing to stand by me during the worst of times like the moment our car rolled down a mountain in Colorado and landed upside down, on the surgery table six times, the moments that pain and depression sucked up my soul and spit me out in the deepest of darkness. God has been there. He always was. When no one could hold my hand God was there holding my heart. Worshiping God is my conviction.

In my childhood the only reason I walked to church alone half a mile was to get a free lunch, Kool-Aid and cookies. Now, as an adult I make it a conviction to worship and praise the Lord, God to thank him for all the goodness he has brought into my life. 

What is a conviction?


Dr. Charles Stanley says it best at

Convictions are noted in the bible from the Key Passage: Acts 4:1-20

and Supporting Scriptures: John 14:26 | John 15:26 | John 16:8 | Acts 3:5-10 | Ephesians 4:30



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