Everything is Awesome!!

Everything is awesome!

I am feeling awesome today. I started the day with a drag, seriously. Then I made my lazy butt go outside to take down the holiday decorations. There is was grumpy digging for boxes shoving bush lights and string lights into the tiny boxes. Then shoving those boxes in to other boxes when I noticed a face smiling at me. Not any old face was smiling at me. It was my Mardi Gras Mask!!!

“Mardi Gras Is Coming! Mardi Gras is coming! Mardi Gras is coming!”

“F you winter. John Snow you skipped my last year. This year GOT is not even coming during winter. What the F? You heard me, Snow. You dirty Bas….d. Forget winter and Winterfell. Mardi Gras is Coming!”

John, I am just kidding. I truly do love you and all the cast, even the dead ones from Game of Thrones. Well, maybe not all of you.

Truth is, I am just a little heart broke since you married, but no worries I now have my t.v. crush on Uhtred of Beddanburg, of the Last Kingdom.

What you have not heard of him? Oh my…Let me tell you. This hunk is much like you, but with a strong need for a little, ok maybe a lot, of psychotherapy. Who is not crazy in those times? At least neither of you are  from the House of Lannister.

While the modern world frowns upon feasting with our hands, drinking ale all day, riding horses furiously down the unknown paths, waving swords around, whoring, humping and fighting one another, I must make myself content with what is coming in my world of 2019. Mardi Gras! Mardi Gras 2019 is coming!

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I’ve got you covered, literally. Black Baby King Cake tshirt

venice Mardi Gras Womens2.gif


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