Good Bye Old New Year’s Resolutions, Hello Newbies.

20150617_090424 (2)


Good bye old resolutions. You can let the door kick you in the ass on your way out. It is less than 6 hours away to 2016. If you are reading this, you are more than your resolutions. Life happens. Fat happens. Shit happens. Accidents happen. Most of all, you are more than any resolution you write down on paper.

F*&^% me, of course I do believe that one must have goals, but hey like I said earlier life happens. If you lost your job, got sick, had an accident, lost a loved one then it is going to affect your ability to knock down and achieve your resolutions.

My 2015 was pretty good. I did not achieve one goal on my list. I am still over weight. I still have a shit load of student loans. I lost my job, but hell I made the best with what I got. Family, friends, passions, and humor are what made my year great. I spent my time making memories and enjoying the moment. I did not focus on the stupid list of resolutions on my refrigerator; instead, I just focused on what I did have.

If you don’t have money, life can suck and throw you down and spit in your face. I’ve been there. If you have a sense of humor, maybe a sick one, you can use that to motivate you to not let life keep you down.

Stay positive. Ask for help. Take hand ups, but do not suck the life from your resources.  Most of all focus on the one goal that has stuck in your fat stressed out head since you were little. That voice, that one in the back the one you try to hush with doubts, well, that is your passion.

You might just suck when you start doing whatever it is that you want to do; however, in time, I am talking shit loads of time, you will get better.  Don’t give up. Your passion is the spark in you that will give you that boost of mojo to get through those shitty days. I am taking about one of those days where you are on your knees wondering where the hell to go next. Again, FU resolutions and hello long term goals.




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