Stretching out your writing

Yesterday was the first day of NaNo.  I was impressed with my ability to come up with 1200 words before noon.  Then the rest of the day was a blur.  I tend to have a strong ability to say what I want briefly.  It is my weakness in blogging and writing.  It is a talent that gave me an A on short stories and newspaper articles in college.  I like to say a lot with the least amount of words.  Sometimes when I read great writings I am amazed at how little action has unfolded in ten or twelve pages.  Yesterday morning after the completion of the 1,200 words I was empty.  The deadline for posting the first 2,000 words was midnight, right?  Well, I headed the famous advice of a famous writer and sat my a** in the chair at ten o’clock to finish the last 800 words.  It wasn’t easy but achieved.

I ask you, what do you do to stretch out your drama, dialog or writing? 


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