My genre for NaNo is thriller

Here it is six in the morning and I’m up blogging.  Truth is I just could not sleep anymore.  Yesterday, while handing out candy during trick-or-treat I signed up for NaNo, National Novel Writing Month.  I woke up early because I wanted to gather some clue as to what I would write.  Last night when I joined I really thought I wanted to write a comedy.  Yet, as I thought about plot the only thing that came to my mind was a thriller.  Before this month, I had never written a thriller.  I always wrote romance and I finished a coming of age novel.

Writing my first thriller short story was a very eye-opening experience for me.  I found that I actually had located uncharted creativity.  As people and writers we tend to stay in our comfort zones.  The moment I had to plot out my thriller I was definitely outside my comfort zone.  Though being out of my comfort zone made me put together a very impressive short story, or so I believed.  I entered it into a writing contest for Writer’s Digest.

Well, time is crucial so I best go and work on my character sketches. Before long I will have to submit my first 2,000 words of my new thriller for NaNo.

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